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Teat Condition Portfolio

Produced by the
"Teat Club International"

Distributed by the National Mastitis Council

The condition of cows' teats provides important information about the udder health status of a herd. Teat end condition may reveal the quality of herd management; correctness of the milking system and milking process; the existence of unacceptable environmental conditions; and infectious diseases.

The Teat Condition Portfolio, assembled by members of "Teat Club International", is intended to be an educational tool to aid in diagnosing various teat conditions that might be encountered on the farm.

Teat Club International (TCI) is a group of researchers, veterinarians, and udder health advisors interested in sharing their knowledge to help diagnose and correct teat conditions. Eric Hillerton, Institute for Animal Health, Compton, United Kingdom, is a member of TCI and has been the primary driver behind the production of this CD-ROM.

The CD includes 159 full-color images. The images are categorized into four types of teat condition:

1. Typical Range of Teat Types
2. Machine-Milking-Induced Changes
3. Environmentally-Induced Changes
4. Infections

Each category is further divided into various sub-sections. All images on the CD are searchable by keywords.

Also included on the CD are 26 "discussion slides" to test your knowledge of teat conditions; four discussion papers on teat end condition presented at the 2nd International Symposium on Mastitis and Milk Quality (held in September 2001); and a bibliography of additional references.


Screen Shots from CD
shot 1 starting page
shot 2 example in the typical teat category
shot 3 example of full screen view
shot 4 closeup shot, inverted orifice

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Proceeds from sales will be used, in part, to support development of further material from TCI.

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Detection and Diagnosis of Teat End Problems is Critical for Maintaining Udder Health


Hyperkeratosis of the teat orifice is frequently observed. It is multifactorial in cause with pointed teats much more at risk. This severity should be rare in the herd.
Over milking by as little as two minutes may cause easily observable changes in teat condition. Here there is significant discoloration and a thickened ring of tissue at the base of the teat.
Teats may suffer viral or bacterial infections. Detection and accurate diagnosis are important to minimize the consequences
Teats should never be this badly chapped. This indicates a harsh environment and poor teat management especially faults in teat dipping.